DIY Driftwood Wind Chime Tutorial

Windspiel aus Treibholz

Today I have this easy driftwood wind chime tutorial for you! I love driftwood. The bleached, abraded pieces, beautifully shaped by water and wind. You can use driftwood as a decoration or make nice crafts with it. I made a driftwood wind chime for my garden:

driftwood wind chime tutorial
driftwood wind chime tutorial

Driftwood wind chime tutorial:

1. Collect driftwood. You’ll find it on a shore or beach of a sea, lake or river. Clean the pieces again with some water and a brush to remove dirt and debris. Spread the driftwood on the ground and let it dry in the sun.

2. Choose compatible pieces. Before you start with your wind chime, you should spend some time to try out different combinations. Select pieces that assort well with each other.

3. Select drill bits. I used lip and spur drill bits (brad point) in medium size, optimized for drilling in wood. I wanted to drill holes that are big enough to thread coarse twine through it, but not too big to risk splitting the dry wood.

4. Drilling. It’s easiest if you use some kind of drill guide (available here*) to keep your drill straigh. But if you have a steady hand, it should work out just fine without one. If you don’t like to work with power tools or want to do this craft safely with kids, you can use a manual hand drill (available here*) instead.

5. Holes. I selected a bigger headpiece for my wind chime and 5 “tonewoods”. So I needed 5 holes in the headpiece an one hole in each tonewood-piece. Don’t drill too close to the edge. The driftwood will weather over time, and it could split.

6. Thread. I used some natural hemp cord (available here*) for my wind chime because I like the rustic feel. The twine should not be cut too short, otherwise the driftwood pieces won’t clink together as nicely.

I hope this driftwood wind chime tutorial was helpful to you! 🙂 I would love to see some of your creations!


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