Celtic Box DIY

celtic box diy

We can always use nice boxes – or in this case a witchy celtic box – for our stuff. Especially if you have a lot of it – like me. 🙂 When I stumbled upon this cool celtic box by mossy-tree, I knew I had to make one for myself. Some friends of mine wanted one too, so I tried to design a downloadable pattern for it. Now everyone can print it out and make their own celtic box! 🙂

This is my version of the triquetra shaped box with a celtic knot pattern!

celtic box DIY
celtic box DIY

You’ll need: cardstock sheets (available here*) or cardboard, shipping labels (available here*) for inkjet printers (full-sheet, not divided), scissors, cutter, maybe a printer if you want do print out the celtic knot design.

And that’s how it’s done:



celtic box DIY pattern

DOWNLOAD Celtic Box Pattern (7,19MB)


1. Print out the template, transfer it onto the chipboard sheets and cut out the pieces. You can also use medium weight cardboard suitable for scrapbooking instead. Don’t use corrugated cardboard.

2. If you want to use the celtic design, print it out on the full-sheet lables and cut out the pieces. If you don’t own a printer, you can always cut out blank pieces of the lable sheets and paint on them yourself. The lable pieces for the bottom and the top are a little bigger than the chipboard pieces. You’ll need this bonus material later to stick the side-pieces to the bottom and top. Allign the chipboard pieces centrally on the lable pice and stick it on.

3. Make small cuts into the bonus material all around the piece.

4. Fit the chipboard side pieces to the bottom and top. Bend the little lable flaps up one by one, and use them to secure the side pieces. Just begin in one corner, and work your way along the sides.

5. Use little leftover label pieces to stick the chipboard sides together in the corners.

6. Cover the sides with the long lable pieces. Start with the outer piece. There is a little bonus material on each side. Bend it around the corner for extra security.

7. Attach the inner side piece. It’s easier if you make a crease first.

8. Take care to place the celtic knot design on the lower half of the bottom piece. Otherwise it will be covered by the top section of the box. Repeat this steps with all the box pieces, and you are done with your own celtic box! 🙂


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