Fimo Cane Tutorial – Star

Recently I rediscovered polymer clay (available here*). It’s really addictive, so be warned. So today I’ve got a fimo cane tutorial for you. This is my very first cane.  Maybe it’s not perfect yet, but I’m really proud of my work! 🙂

Those Fimo Canes always looked like witchcraft to me. How does the pattern get into the cane? But as it turns out, it’s really not that hard.

How to make a star cane:

For this star cane you need some kind of polymer clay. (available here*)

The first secret in cane making is: You start out with a really big cane and reduce it later to the desired thickness. My cane started out with a diameter of 4 cm (1,6 in) and was about 2 cm (0,8 in) “long”. Yes, that flat star you can see in the very first picture transformed into my cane.

Maybe I should have tried some easier pattern first, but I was feeling very brave and so I tried a star.


Print out your star pattern and place it in a plastic file holder.

Roll out thin fimo plates (about as thick as the outline of the star) and cut out stripes. I cut out stripes that measured about 2 cm (0,8 in) in width. Trace the star pattern with your stripes. Start from the inside, and work your way out. It’s kind of similar to a mosaic.

In the first picture of this tutorial, you can see how all the fimo plates are pressed together. The little gaps will dissapear completely, once you reduce the cane.

How to reduce the cane:

The trick is to squeeze the cane. NEVER roll it. Take your cane and start do squeeze it gently from all sides. Try to do it bit by bit and turn your cane around ever so often. Leave out the ends of your cane. Your pattern won’t distort on the inside.

If you have reduced the cane to the desired thickness, you can cut off the ends. I made beads with that later. You can make your cane as thin as you want. I stopped at a diameter of 1 cm (0,4 in). But you can always make it thinner later.

I used a really sharp cutter knife to slice my star cane, and made myself starry ear studs! 🙂 Then I reduced one end of the cane as much as I could, cut off very small slices and put them on to some beads. The star pattern distorted when I rolled the beads, but I kinda like the effect. And there is still a lot left of my star cane! 😀

Fimo Star Studs Fimo Star Beads


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