How NOT to glaze beads – FAIL

Sometimes good ideas turn out to be a total fail. And naturally you should share that as well! 🙂

glaze beads

I really liked my idea! Making beads with leftover polymer clay (available here*) Glaze beads with some gloss glaze (available here*) to give the beads a glossy finish. And stick the beads on toothpicks and place them in some floral foam block while they are drying.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right? – WRONG! Maybe you can already guess my mistake. When the glaze had dried, it acted like some kind of superglue, and all the toothpicks were completely stuck. A few of them came out with a little twisting. But most of them just broke off completely. And of course the tips stuck in there for good.

I had to spend hours with a needle and a cutter to pull all the little guys out, fiber by fiber. It goes without saying, that my beads didn’t like that one bit. Now I have to glaze them again. But this time I’ll use some metal needle instead of the toothpicks. Well – You live and learn! 🙂

Edit: And that is how you do it right:

Fimo Beads glaze

Use some long needles or metal rods, leave a little space between your beads, glaze your beads. There is even a special bead baking rack (available here*) you can use for baking and glazing your polymer clay beads.

If your beads don’t turn out as nicely as you want them to be, there are special tools to help with that. Try a bead starter kit (available here*) or a bead roller.


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