how to make a lavender wreath

As the blooming period for my lavender is nearly over, I quickly wanted to show you how to make a lavender wreath before they are all gone. But I left some of the lavender flowers for the bees in my garden, because they really seem to love it.

I really like lavender. Not only because of it’s scent, but because it dries so well. I make small dried flower bouquets every year and decorate them all over my house.

That’s how you do it:

For a lavender wreath you need some kind of base to apply the flowers to. I used a wooden ring, but you can use a metal one (available here*), or maybe one made of straw (available here*). – whatever you prefer really.


For a lavender wreath, you should use freshly plucked flowers. If the lavender is too dry, the stems will break.

Take a small bundle of lavender and lay it flat against your base. Start wrapping thin floral wire (available here*) around the stems and your base. You should start right underneath the lavender blossoms and do about 2 – 3 rounds with the floral wire. Try to pull it tight, because the lavender will loose some of its volume once it dries. Then take another couple of flowers and position them right above where you just wrapped the first bunch. This should cover the floral wire nicely beneath the lavender blossoms.

Continue on like this all around your ring. Now you have to hide the remaining stems under the first blossoms. Try to bend them along the inside of your ring and secure them with your floral wire.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough lavender to cover my ring completely. So I used some Santolina on the inside of my wreath, and wrapped it in the opposite direction. I really like how it turned out! You can youse whatever flowers or herbs you like. Just try to use something that dries well.

My lavender wreath is now hanging on my front door. But it would also look lovely as a table decoration. If you use it like that, place the wreath on a plate or in a bowl, because the flowers will make a bit of a mess once they dry. I love this simple lavender wreath so much, I’m sure I’m going to make another one next year!

If you want to see more lavender decorations, check out my tutorials for these beautiful lavender wands and my lavender star!

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