Mandala Stone Tutorial – green blue

You liked my first Mandala Stone Tutorial so much, that I decided to do another one. This time with a green and blue mandala pattern. I used the same paints and brushes again.

If you want more in depth information on the right colors, brushes and techniques, you can read about that in my purple mandala stone tutorial

Recommended materials:
acrylic paints (available here*)
synthetic brushes (available here*)
alternative tools: nail art brushes and dotting tools (available here*)

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Use a round, flattened stone with a smooth surface. Clean the stone gently with soapy water before you start painting.

You don’t need to apply an undercoat or a layer of transparent varnish, but it can make the painting process easier.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Use a dark color to paint a big circle on your stone. It will enhance the colors of your mandala. Make sure to leave a little space to the edge of the stone, because the mandala pattern will be larger than the dark area.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Let the dark paint dry and paint a big white dot right in the middle. It’s always easiest to start mandala patterns from the center.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Frame the big dot with little white dots. They should all be the same size and evenly placed.

(If you struggle with a brush, you could use a dotting tool* for small details instead.)

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Use a bright yellow for the next row. The dots should be placed between the dots of the previous row.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Next choose a light green color. The dots should get slightly bigger with each row. Leave a little gap between the dots.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Use a darker green for the next row.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Choose a turquoise color next, to make a gradient from green to blue. The gaps between the dots should get slightly bigger.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Save a small amount of each shade for later. You will need it for detail work and maybe to correct mistakes.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Use a dark blue color for the last row. Paint the dots of your last row halfway across the edge of your dark undercoat.

If you have a lot of space left, just add more rows to fill in your dark undercoat.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Now to the gaps: Fill in the space between the colored dots with little white dots. If the gaps between the yellow dots are too small, just skip that row.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

To enhance the gradient effect and to add some depth to the pattern, paint smaller dots ON the colored dots of each row. Always choose the shade of the previous row for that, as indicated in the picture. White on yellow, yellow on light green, light green on dark green and so on..

If the contrast between the shades is too small, add a bit of white paint to each shade.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

If you like your mandala like that, you can stop at this point. I think it looks really pretty, but I can never stop myself from adding more details.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

If you have enough space left, you can add a row of blue dots on the outside. Make sure to leave enough space between the dots and the pattern in the middle.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Use the light green to paint small dots on top of the blue ones.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Frame every blue/green dot with little white dots. (Use a dotting tool* instead of a brush, if that’s easier for you.)

painting a mandala stone tutorial

That’s what it looks like, when all the dots are framed.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

If you still want to add more, you can add little yellow details. Imagine a straight line from the center outwards. The yellow dots should be placed on that line. Start with a bigger dot followed by smaller ones.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

Make a light green dot on top of the biggest yellow dot.

painting a mandala stone tutorial

If you want to, you can add some more detail to the middle. I used the light green and the yellow again. – And that’s it! 🙂

Add a finishing layer of clear acrylic spray paint (available here*) if you want. 

Mandala Stone Pattern green blue

Illustration of the mandala pattern. I numbered all the steps for you.

Don’t forget:

If you do a mandala, it is not important to make it perfect or do it exactely like I showed here. It is a form of meditation. Just relax and let it happen. Create your own patterns, change the colors as you like. And most importantly: Have fun doing it! 🙂



Summary for Pinterest:

painting a mandala stone tutorial

painting a mandala stone tutorial

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  1. Nichole Messer

    I made this today at work and helped one of the people I support make one as well! Thank you for the thourough tutorial it really helped me understand and be able to explain this to my client. I wish i could leave a picture, im thrilled at how it turned out

  2. Joyce Summers

    I find the painting colored circles on the stone so beautiful and fascinating! Thank you for sharing with us. Joyce

  3. Eileen

    Thanks for such an exceptional tutorial, Barbara. You are an excellent teacher! I have played/struggled with these for a while now, not enjoying much success, but this tutorial furthers my understanding of creating mandalas on rocks. Your work is beautiful, and I’m very grateful that you shared your process!

  4. Micky

    I paint and wanted something new and different. I love these, they are so pretty. I have the paint and dotting tool, now I must find a rock. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  5. Doris

    Hi ! Thank you for share this tutorial. Do the stones need a special cover to protect the designe/colors? Thanks in advance.

    • Barbara

      Thank you! That just depends on what kind of paint you use and what you want to do with the stones later. Acrylic paint becomes water-resistance when dry. If you keep the stones inside the house, you usually don’t need a protective layer on them. If you want to decorate your garden with them, a thin layer of clear acrylic spray paint is reccommended. 🙂

    • Barbara

      thank you! 🙂 I like to use acrylic paints thinned out with a little water. You can find some reccommendations in the article

  6. Patricia

    Thank you for taking the time to share your tutorial. It’s so clear that I shall have a try at one of your patterns and hope I can achieve your beautiful results! Most inspiring.

  7. Doreen

    Well done for such beautiful intricate work. Really beautiful! Really enjoyed watching your excellent tutorial. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching us how to do it. Very well explained. God bless you for sharing😊

  8. Gilly

    Amazing tutorial and very generous of you to share. I’m about to start leading craft workshops for vulnerable adults, and your visuals make each step wonderfully clear. Thank you so much!

  9. Leonor

    Hello. I’m just starting my trials with rock painting. I think these type of acrylic paint is a bit expensive where I live, so thanks for telling me where to buy them. But I still have a doubt: what should I use to wash the brushes? Thanks in advance.

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