Cute Daisy Crown

I hope every child is lucky enough to learn how to make daisy chains. I love these simple innocent crafts that you can do outside with natural materials. I have so many great childhood memories doing these sort of things. 🙂 Simple daisy chains are very easy to do. You just split the stem with your fingernail, pull another daisy through and so on. This way you’ll get nice long chains, but they break fairly easy. Today I’ll show you a different technique which is equally easy but the result is so much nicer. Of course you can use dandelions or other flowers instead of daisies. Just make sure, that the stem is bendable enough.


For a small crown, you’ll need just a bunch of daisies.


1. It’s easiest if you shorten them all to roughly the same length. But you don’t have to be too precise about it.


2. Begin with two daisies and cross them like shown in the picture above.


3. Wrap the stem on the top under the stem on the bottom.


4. Bend the stem to the right. It should cross above the head of the flower to hold it in place.


5. And that is basically it. From now on you just repeat steps 2 – 4 until your chain has the desired length. 🙂 Just add another daisy next to the last.


6. Loop the new stem around the others again. Just take care not to leave too large gaps between the flowers.


7. Bend the stem to the right again above the head of the flower. Pull it tight to secure the flowers in place.


8. Step by step you’ll get a beautiful voluminous daisy chain.


9. If your cain is long enough you can make a crown. Just weave the stems at the end into the loops at the beginning of your chain. Start with the very last stem and then add the others one by one.


10. And that is the finished daisy crown. 🙂 If you are not happy with the result you can always add more flowers to it. Just weave them in where you want more flowers.


My cat Mucki (which means basically midge in German) is a very patient flower queen. If you want to wear the crown yourself or give it to your kids, you can easily secure it with some bobby pins. 🙂



All of the steps for Pinterest:

Cute Daisy Crown DIY

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  1. So süß. ? manchmal vergisst man die einfachen Sachen von früher. DANKE für die tolle Erinnerung und Anleitung

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