Garden Decoration – Butterfly

I just LOVE DIY-stores. They are my absolute favorite! I’m sure we all agree there. 🙂 You can always find inspiration for a new project or unearth treasures in the craft-section. A while ago I found this metal butterfly. While it looked nice enough on its own, I thougt it was a little boring. But you can fix that easily with a little paint!

garden decoration butterfly

I’ve got this “emergency-craft-box” at home. In the box are small rocks, pine cones, different beads and lots of other stuff to make small crafts with. This is especially helpful if the kids get bored and want do do something. A crafting-emergency so to say. 🙂 The butterfly also found its way into the box and stayed there until my niece came by for a visit.

Paint with:

I mentioned before how much I love tempera paints. (available here*)  They dry to a velvety-matte finish, can be diluted with water and are suitable for kids to use. So of course we chose them for our latest art project. At first we applied a white base coat with soft paint brushes. While it is not absolutely necessary, it makes the application of the other colors a little easier if the base is white.

For the base coat, the paint can be diluted with water if needed. You can apply it very evenly this way and it is still very opaque. One coat dries very quickly, which is one of the reasons why I love this kind of paint so much. It’s perfect for impatient kids. 🙂

After that we chose a lot of different bright colors to decorate our butterfly. You don’t have to be an artist to make it look nice. It’s supposed to be colorful, so different sized dots and stripes are perfect.

The paint is waterproof but not weather resistant. Our butterfly is going to live in our garden permanentely, so we applied a generous coat of transparent spray paint. That is why he looks a little shiny in the picture.


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