Dancing Ghosts – Halloween Crafts for kids

Looking for some last-minute Halloween Crafts for kids that are fun and easy to do? Look no further, because this dancing ghosts are perfect for you!

You just need: some white or transparent trash bags, old newspaper, black adhesive vinyl (available here*) (or black paper), cellotape, scissors, and some sticks.

How it’s done:

For the head of your ghost, crumple up some old newspaper. It need not be too tight and the ball should have the size of a small balloon. Put the newspaper-ball on a stick and secure it with some cellotape.

For the stick you could use a branch, a wooden staff or something of that sort.

Put some trash bags inside out and pull them over the stick with the newspaper-ball. I used two layers for each ghost.

Put some cellotape around the neck of your ghost. That should secure the trash bags, as well as define the figure of the ghost a little bit.

Cut out funny eyes and mouth-shapes from black adhesive vinyl (available here*) and stick them to your ghost. If you don’t have black vinyl, you could also use black paper and some glue.

Take your scissors and work on the edges of the trash bins. Make some fringes or cut out some irregular shapes, to give them a disheveled look. This looks really nice if it’s a bit windy outside.

Put up your ghosts outside and make them stand in a small circle. Use some tape to stick corners of the trash bags together to make them look like as if they were “holding hands”.

As an additional effect, I draped a chain of lights around and under the ghosts. This illuminates them at night, and the little Trick-Or-Treaters really love it! 🙂


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