Haunted House Halloween Craft

Have I told you already, that Halloween is my favorite celebration ever?! I just love Halloween crafts and spooky decorations! My niece thinks likewise, and she wanted to make a funny-spooky picture. More precisely a haunted house – complete with hinged windows and doors. That’s what we came up with:

For your Haunted House you’ll need: 1 big piece of blank paper (background), black and orange paper (for the haunted mansion), watercolors, halloween confetti (available here*) or halloween stickers (available here*), a gluestick (available here*), colored pencils (available here*)

Step by Step Tutorial:

At first we searched online for some haunted house pictures. After we had our inspiration, we outlined our haunted house on a blank piece of paper and made some corrections. I made a printable pattern of our house if you want to copy it:

Haunted House
Haunted House Printable (PDF 21,0 KB)

Just click on the picture, and you can save or print out the PDF.


Once we were pleased with our pattern, we copied it to black paper and cut it out. We also did some openable windows and doors. If you use our pattern, don’t cut along the dotted lines. This is where you want to fold the paper.


For an “illuminated” effect, we used orange paper on the backside.


My niece outlined all the doors and windows on the backside with some glue. Be careful to leave out the windows and doors itself, otherwhise you won’t be able to open them.


Cut out some small pieces of orange paper and cover the windows and doors. You could also use different colored sheets of paper for each window.


Our haunted mansion needed a spooky background! We used blue watercolors and messy brushstrokes to create a night sky. Once our background was dry, we glued our house to it.


We used some leftover black paper to cut out a witch and some bats. The witch is included in the downloadable pattern. We cut out a circular shape for our moon, and colored it with yellow Watercolors.


Several years ago, I bought some Halloween Confetti at a craft store. (available here*) It was the perfect addition for our picture. You can use some glue to stick them on where you like them.



We decided that there should be a spooky surprise behind each window, and so my niece drew a lot of little ghosts, spiders and monsters into them. Of course they also needed some scary furniture and cobwebs. Those little details were the most fun to do!



And this is our finished Haunted House Halloween Craft! Complete with its own cemetery, a swarm of bats and a flying witch 🙂

Happy Halloween!


My niece also did an additional “family tomb”. Currently occupied by a family of vampires. (But don’t worry, she said that they are really nice!)



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