Straw Plaiting – Compass Plait

A really easy straw plaiting technique is the Compass Plait. You can use this design in various straw crafts like the Countryman’s Favour you can see here. (Link>>)



For the Compass Plait you’ll need to tie 4 pieces of wheat straw stalks (available here*) together. I used 4 pieces of rye in this tutorial.

1. Spread out the four straw pieces into the points of the compass. NorthEastSouthWest (That’s why it’s called “Compass Plait”.)

In this technique every straw changes its side in a specific order.

2. Bend the 1st straw from north to south.

3. Bend the 2nd straw from south to north.

4. Bend the 3rd straw from east to west.

5. Bend the 4th straw from west to east.

compass plait

Repeat the steps 2 – 5 until the plait has reached its desired length. The straws should always be placed parallel to each other.

6. With this plaiting technique you’ll get an intricate design.

Go on plaiting until you are satisfied with the length of your plait or until you run out of straw.


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