Straw Plaiting – Rustic Plait (Tyrolean Plait)

Straw Plaiting or Weaving is a method of manufacturing textiles by braiding straw. Today I want to show you a simple technique you can use for pretty edgings. It’s called “Rustic Plait” or “Tyrolean Plait”.

Let your straw soak in warm water for a little while before you begin with the plaiting. That way it will be bendable and doesn’t break so easily.

If you don’t have access to any natural straw, you can use wheat drinking straws (available here*) instead. They are not completely ideal, since they can be a little bit too wide in diameter, but they should work out the same. You can also use dried wheat stalks (available here*), but they might proove to be a little bit too thin.


1. Begin with two straight straws. Bend one straw around the other like it’s shown in the picture. I numbered every end for better orientation.

2. Bend straw number 1 to the right over straw number 2. It should be placed parallel to straw number 3 now.

3. Bend straw number 4 around and behind straw number 3 and up to the top. Weave over straw number 1. It should now be placed parallel to straw number 2.

4. Bend straw number 2 horizontally to the right side over straws 4 and 1 and under straw number 3.

5. Bend straw number 2 around straw number 3 to the front and under straw number 1 to the top. It should be placed parallel to straw number 4.

6. Bend straw number 3 horizontally to the left side over straws 1 and 2 and under straw number 4.

7. Bend straw number 3 around straw number 4 to the front and under straw number 2 to the top. It should be placed parallel to straw number 1.

Repeat steps 4 – 7 until your plait has reached the desired length. You can always extend the straws by sliding a new straw over or inside the shorter straw.

I made a video demonstration of the plaiting:

I used this beautiful straw edging in my tutorial for this Straw Pentagram Star. Check it out if you want. 🙂

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  1. Hi
    I wondered if you could help me with the rustic plait. I can get to step 7 but then the continuing steps are a bit confusing to me. Ive watched the video too but can’t seem to fit the repeat steps after step 7 as the straws seem to be in the wrong place when I try. Look forward to hearing from you

    Many thanks

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