How to make Lavender Wands – DIY

I have heard that Lavender Wands have there origin in the victorian age. So called “garden crafts” were really popular back then. I don’t know if it’s true but I can just imagine proper young ladies sitting in their drawing rooms and crafting lavender wands while dreaming about their future husbands. – okay, maybe I’ve read too much Jane Austen 😀

But the fact is, these lavender wands are really pretty! You can place them between your clothes and towels, and it will keep the fabric smelling fresh and clean. If the scent starts to fade, just squeeze the top part of the lavender wands gently, and you activate them again. And they make great little hostess gifts too!

That’s how you do it:

The best time to make lavender wands is, when your lavender just starts to bloom. Pick lavender with straight stems and cut them long. You will need some nice ribbons (available here*) to tie your wands together.


You will need an uneven number of stems for one lavender wand. I used 5 stems for my thinner wands. I think 9 stems for one wand produces a really nice result. But you can use even more stems for really thick wands. Just experiment a little.

1. Tie the stems together with a ribbon (available here*) – just right beneath the blossoms. Leave one end of the ribbon short. You can hide it inside the lavender wand.

2. The next part is a little tricky at the beginning. Hold your little bouquet upside down, and bend the stems over. This only works if your lavender is freshly cut. Neat trick: To prevent the stems from breaking, just make a little dent with your fingernail where you want them to bend.

3. Start to weave your ribbon through the stems. Pull it tight from time to time, and push it up to cover up the lavender blooms inside. The weaving will take a little time, so it’s a perfect craft for lazy afternoons.

4. If you have covered up all the lavender blooms, tie the ribbon securely and wrap it around the stems in a spiral-fashion till the end. Secure the ribbon again and tie it into a nice little bow. And that’s it!

Maybe your first wand won’t turn out that great, but you will succeed the second time. I promise! And by the time you are on your third lavender wand, you will be a real pro! Making these lavender wands is kinda calming and addictive. I loved doing these in the garden, and my hands smelled like lavender the whole day. Please let me know if you’ve made some yourself! 🙂

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