Lavender Star – DIY

The lavender in my garden still is in full bloom. I made these beautiful lavender wands I showed in my last entry, but still had enough left for another craft. So I made a lavender star, and I really love how it turned out! Use freshly cut lavender!

How to do it:

1. For one star, you will need about 30 fresh pieces of lavender with long, straight stems. (If the lavender is dry, the stems will break.) I used thin floral wire (available here*) to bind the pieces together and nice ribbons (available here*) to cover it up.

2. It’s important to cut all pieces to the same length. Starting right beneath the blossoms, the stem should measure about 4 inches (or 10 centimetres).

3. For one side of the star, you’ll need 6 stems. Place 3 stems with the blossoms facing the right side, and 3 stems with the blossoms facing the left side. Combine all 6 stems to a bundle. Your bundle should now have blossoms on every side. Make 5bundles like that.

4. Place one bundle on top of another. They should cross in one end in a sharp angle.

5.  Bind the two bundles together with some thin floral wire. Don’t worry to much about the angle. You can bend it later.

6. – 8. Continue on like that with all the remaining bundles. But don’t bind the last bundle to the first one just yet.

9. For a really nice result, you have to weave the bundles into each other. Just cross one strand over and under the next one, like it is shown in the picture.

10. If all the strands are intertwinded, you can bind the last two strands together with floral wire. Bend your star a little until you are satisfied with the shape.

11. Use some nice ribbons (available here*) to cover up the floral wire.

12. You can hang your finished lavender star like a wreath or use it as a table decoration. I put a little candle in the middle. 🙂


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