Rustic Dreamcatcher Tutorial

I like to make crafts with natural materials. When we cut down trees or bushes, I always keep some branches do make some kind of decoration. Most of the time, it will turn out to be some kind of garden craft. On the one hand there is always plenty of space, on the other hand I just love the way the plants climb and grow on the decorations.  Today I want to show you a rustic dreamcatcher tutorial. 🙂


How it works:


Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Most dreamcatchers have a rounded shape, but you can weave the typical dreamcatcher net in every shape of frame you like. For my frame I tied together 4 equal branches with a square lashing. I used natural hemp cord (available here*), but you can use something else if you don’t like the rustic feel.

If your frame is stabilized, you can start with the weaving part. It always works the same way, regardless the shape of the frame.

Weaving the net

1. Secure your thread on the frame

2.Leave a bit of space, and bring your thread over the frame.

3. Loop your thread around the frame and bring it to the front above the thread.

4. Tighten slightly.

5.Work your way around the frame that way. I made 3 knots on each side of my frame

The first round is finished.

6. Once you have reached the starting point again, continue your weaving the same way as before. But this time you don’t loop your thread around the frame, you loop it around the thread from the previous round. Make your knot exactly in the middle between two knots.

7. Continue on like that until you’ve reached the center. I left a little hole in the middle, because I liked the way it looked.

8. Secure your thread. – Finished!

Dreamcatcher Knot



The typical net of a dreamcatcher is always achieved the same way. Loop your thread around the frame (or the previous row) and bring it to the front over the thread.

That way your knot will stay in place.



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