DIY Paper Roses Tutorial

Pretty flowers that last forever? – Awesome! Today I show you how to make these pretty paper roses. They are really quick and easy to make. And the best thing: You already have all the materials you need for this tutorial.

DIY paper roses tutorial

How it’s done:

1. Cut out paper spirals in different sizes. It really doesn’t matter if they are not even. I recommend construction paper (available here*) or some other kind of thicker paper.

2. Begin to roll the spiral towards the center. It’s easier if you use a toothpick. Just roll it tight in the beginning!

3. If you’ve finished rolling up your spiral, remove the toothpick (if you haven’t already) and press the flower down gently with your finger. Let it unwind just a little.

4.Put a drop of glue on the bottom or in the center of your flower, and hold it till it dries.

5.You can decorate everything with your flowers! I glued them on a little plastic ball – a styrofoam ball (available here*) would work even better – and some dried branches. That makes such a nice looking center piece for my table!


Papier Rosen Deko-Ideen

You can use construction paper (available here*) or even magazine pages for your roses. Old books work really well too! I had some really old wallpaper samples (oh my, they were ugly!) that I used for this craft. Just be creative!

The decoration options are endless. Glue your little roses on frames, gift boxes or make a little bouquet. They even look great on it’s own, if you are decorate your table with them. 🙂

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