DIY Felt Christmas Star

Are you on the lookout for an easy christmas craft? – A Felt Cristmas Star ornament is something you can do in under 10 minutes AND it is also something kids can do.

Felt Christmas Star DIY

Felt Christmas Star

you need:

red felt (available here*)
little wooden beads (available here*)
golden yarn (available here*)

Felt Christmas Star DIY

You need 7 petals for one Felt Christmas Star. It’s easiest if you make a stencil out of cardboard. Print out this template or draw your own shape. To draw on felt, use tailor’s chalk or a soft pencil. Cut out the petals with sharp scissors (preferably sewing scissors) to avoid frayed edges.

Variation: Experiment with petal shapes and sizes for different looking results.

Felt Christmas Star DIY

I love to use golden yarn for this type of craft. The color combination of red and gold has such a traditional christmas-feel to it. But you can use whatever you like of course. My yarn was a little bit too thick for my needle, so I separated the strands and used only one.

Make a basic stitch through each petal. (The needle should pass in and out again.) This way the petal folds a little in the middle and stays secured nicely. Slide on a wooden bead between each petal.

Tip: Use a blunt needle if you want to craft this with your kids. (Something like a darning needle.) They are safe to use and a little bit easier to hold.



Felt Christmas Star DIY

When you have 7 petals and 7 beads on your thread, make a simple knot and pull the thread a little. Then secure everything with a second knot. Leave a bit of thread hanging on both sides.

Felt Christmas Star DIY

Make another knot with a bit of space left to the first one and you can use the thread to hang your christmas star.

Felt Christmas Star DIY

The Felt Christmas Star makes a beautiful traditional looking ornament for your christmas tree.

Felt Christmas Star DIY

Of course you don’t have to hang them. You can use them on arrangements, attach them to presents or just as table decoration. Happy crafting! πŸ™‚


Summary for Pinterest:

Felt Christmas Star DIY

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